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Wold of your own

Based in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Wold of your own stays have been uniquely created to give our guests the most restful retreats in this pocket of Lincolnshire

All our sites are family and pet friendly situated in secluded, private, peaceful spots, surrounded by gorgeous meadows, tall trees and great views! Our luxury accommodation is perfect for families and couples seeking peace and tranquillity.

We love our home and hope you enjoy visiting us.

Family friendly

Couple friendly

Pet friendly

Wildlife & nature

Situated in over 100 acres of meadow-rich wildflowers, conservation mix winter wild bird food, bordered by semi-natural woodland, our sites are situated within an AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty).

The woodland is home to an array of wildlife and our meadows are a favorite spot for the local deer, pheasants and foxes.

In the daytime, sit in the meadow and watch the birds, bees, and butterflies – the meadow is planted and designed to encourage wildlife. Enjoy identifying some of the wildflowers, birds, and bugs – handy guides are included in all our accommodation.

Our naturally fed wildlife lakes are teaming with life, our resident swans Charles and Camilla who return every year, ducks, frogs, and toads and in the long grasses we are building various reptile hibernaculum.

We are constantly seeking to further improve and enhance the meadow habitat and are proud members of The Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust.

Environmental & sustainability commitment

As a farm, family, and business, Wold of Your Own is fully committed to being environmentally friendly and conserving the wildlife and land around us. To ensure we maintain this commitment, we have worked holistically to uphold these ideals on many levels for many years across the whole of our farm.

We have installed solar panels to generate the electricity used across our sites, solar powered water heating and composting toilets. Water consumption is reduced through rainwater harvesting and solar powered lighting has been fitted to the glamping sites both adding to our sustainable practices.

We’ve planted extensively to create a fantastic natural habitat for wildlife and we continue to plant hedging, trees and meadow flowers across the farm

Our Glamping sites offer a holiday with a low carbon footprint and you’ll reap the health benefits too, clean air, uplifting sunsets and sunrises, clear night skies perfect for stargazing, the sounds of rustling leaves and bird song, spotting wild deer, foxes and owls as you immerse yourself in nature.

1923 – 2023

Our story

In 1923 George Beecroft Grant moved to Highfield Farm with his newly married wife Ivy. One hundred years later with the third and fourth generation of Grant’s at the helm (the fifth is actually the real boss) the farm is still going strong.

Set in 1500 acres of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, we are surrounded by tranquil rolling hills, woodland and lakes. Mainly growing grains and cereals for food and beverages we do have some cattle and sheep that wonder freely and are super friendly.

Like most farms nowadays we have diversified our offering allowing us to continue to maintain the countryside that we are custodians of. As part of this diversification we created Wold of Your Own – luxury glamping experiences that offer guests the ability to switch off, reconnect with nature and have a piece of the Wolds all to themselves.